Charity Fund Raising Information

Charity Tournament
Charities can hold a tournament to raise unlimited funds.
For example, many charities have yearly golf tournaments.
A single day, single course tournament is limited to 150 players but can usually raise $50,000.
A lot of effort is required to pull off one of these.
A virtual Pokerstr8ts Golf tournament can have 10,000 players.
A fee of $20 dollars could provide a $100,000 profit while providing $50,000 in prizes.
The tournament with 4 rounds would take less than 2 hours.
Collecting the money and distributing the prizes is the only work required.
APPs2400 fees is 5% of entrance fee payable after tournament completion.
If a celebrity prize or 2 can be included, 100,000 players is quite doable.
For example, many fans would buy a ticket for a virtual golf tournament where
prizes would include a private game on a great course with Mike Weir.
Only when safety permits.
The take could be in the millions.
There is not necessarily a set date for the tournament.
It can be announced when the tournament is full, or it can be set to start in 3 months.
Then entries would be closed. Totally flexible!
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